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The First Book

Danger Diva

The friends of Cassidy Wentworth call her brilliant, gorgeous, sassy, a classy bitch. Her enemies call her reckless, stubborn, driven, unpredictable, ruthless. Both views are accurate, but neither tell her breathtaking story. When danger exploded in North Dallas, Texas, Cassidy was caught in a web of assassins, terrorists, and international intrigue. She escaped with fame, fortune and a one-in-a-million love affair. She flies her father's corporate jet and shoots like a Texas Ranger. Gifted in nuclear physics, her college professor scoffed at her attempt to invent a super high octane synthetic gasoline, and when she did it, he rallied his fellow radical Muslim jihad warriors and drug bosses, all hell- bent on stealing her billion-dollar brainchild. He badly underestimated and embarrassed her once; even tried to block her entry into graduate school. She would make him pay the second time. The conclusion of this thriller will convince you...There’s a New Tigress in Texas!

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Whispering Winds Book reviews: In my opinion your book (Danger Diva) was the best for 2010. God has given you a talent to share with everyone. I can't wait for your next adventure novel

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