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The Burn List

Award winning reporter Annie Wyatt was warned not to write about the Miami mob, but she didn't listen. When they killed her husband and son, she spiraled into a hellish abyss of PTSD. Fortunately, her brother John Dane, a retired Navy Seal, was no stranger to PTSD, and he knew the perfect antidote- survival and revenge. His plan to settle the score, considered insane by most measures, involved his sister Annie, and the newly found love of his life, Dr. Mitsy Barlow. But could they survive the mob's attacks long enough to succeed? The Burn List chronicles their combined efforts and who would be first, and last - to die.

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Whispering Winds Book reviews: In my opinion your book (Danger Diva) was the best for 2010. God has given you a talent to share with everyone. I can't wait for your next adventure novel

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